Vanity Fair Best Dressed Challenge

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I am ecstatic to share with you guys that I am…A FINALIST in Vanity Fair's Best Dressed Challenge!

Here is the challenge in a nutshell; the challenge consists of  the contestants (fashionistas like yourself) posting pictures on the Vanity Fair website, and the more people that vote for your pictures the more points you get!

I am honored to have gone so far in this competition. But now I need your help!

If you guys could just vote for my looks on the site HERE (you vote by clicking on the gray hearts below the pictures) I would be so so so happy!

I love you guys and I appreciate your support so much! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your votes ! You can vote multiple times a day! Also, if your really feeling nice... you can share this post!   LETS WIN THIS!!

Love Love Love,

Brynn Elliott


Blog Loving: Blog by LOLO





Lauren Scruggs has been a constant inspiration to me this past year. Whether it was with helping me grow in my career through opening doors with LOLO Magazine, or showing me how to have hope and joy in all circumstances, I can thank Lauren Scruggs. She is an inspiration to girls everywhere. On top of being Editor-in-Chief of the digital lifestyle platform LOLO magazine, Lauren runs a personal blog as well called Blog by LOLO. She is also a published author of her book Still Lolo and a public speaker. Want to learn more about Lauren and her blog? Check out my interview below to gain a closer look.



1. What is Blog by LOLO all about?

It is a place filled with editorials that inspire me in the moment, fashion week adventures, and thoughts on living.

2. Why did you start Blog by LOLO?

After my internships in NYC, I was a bit culture shocked by Dallas as I became used to being around those who were highly passionate about the creative industry. I knew I needed to start something that would keep me educated and inspired in the realm of style. It was also an avenue to build my creative writing style.

3. How have your life experiences shaped the way you see the world?

I have been blessed by experiences that have taken me completely out of my comfort zone such as being thrown into the whirlwinds of the fashion world in major cities and new cultures, learning to report accurately on Fashion Weeks for great companies, and aiming to start my own business, LOLO Magazine.

My path was different than my friends, and that often made me wonder if I was pursuing the correct career path. My dad told me that there is no positivity in comparing, but to continue pursuing the things I love, which sometimes required waiting while I felt like I was intensely cultivating next steps. I have learned to push my dreams to the limits, take risks, and focus on the road set before me.


4. Describe who you think your typical reader is ?

My readers are ready to be visually inspired by a photo, fabulous shopping ideas, the inside scoop on designer lines, or just want a quick tidbit about living life to the fullest.

5. What is the best advice you can give your readers today?

Live without regrets. Write out your personal passions and pursue them without fear. Through it all, build deep lasting friendships with others that will encourage you as you encourage them.

6. What are some of your fashion must-haves for the upcoming spring months? 

-The Zara wrap mini skort. I adore it for the following reasons: it's white, it has pockets, and it can be dressed up or down.

-A great lipstick. My new favorite is MAC "snob." This matte light pink shade is the perfect purchase for Spring. It makes you feel so beachy!

-A Kate Spade Harrison Street Bee. It takes me so long to find my credit card when I need it, and this has saved the day. It looks cute on its own, and it fits perfectly in my purse too!

-A Native Union POP Phone. It makes talking in public so easy and quite stylish.

-A great ankle strap shoe. This one is my favorite because the heel is short enough to pair with shorts, a dress, or an adorable skirt! I just love the monochromatic tribal print too.

7. What is the best advice you have ever received?

To take twelve hours at a time. This helps me to be thankful for the present moments. Sometimes looking into the future creates fear of the unknown. There is so much fullness of life to live in today!4986_962527440214_6128490_n

8. Share your favorite piece you own and why.

I love my white Kendra Scott Tyra ring. The girls in my family and a few of my close girlfriends have one. It represents restoration and healing from tragedy as well as the importance of close community.

9. Share three products you are currently obsessing over and why.

-My YSL lipstick. I can wear no makeup and throw these on my lips. The YSL color is so natural and beautiful.

-My Flower Road Lavande Creme Ancien. It is a lavender raw all-organic body butter that I put on at night. It is so peaceful and helps me to fall asleep quickly.

-Dior Airflash: it is a miracle spray foundation that is perfect to wear to a party or on a date night! It is light and natural, yet makes your skin look like porcelain.

10. Lauren, do you have any closing thoughts you would like to share?

Be yourself. Love on others. Remember that God put specific passions in your heart, and he wants you to use them!

Being Elliott + Girl & Graaf

When I found the lovely little shop Girl & Graaf while surfing the internet a few months back...I knew I had to take a closer look. Each item is handpicked and the attention to detail comes through the beautiful aesthetic of the whole shop. I talked to Lauren Davidson one of the founders to learn more about Girl & Graaf. Enjoy the interview below!

Also, be sure to check out Girl & Graaf on their facebook and pinterest pages.

1. How did Girl & Graaf get its start?

I’ve always had an intense interest in travel and other cultures and Girl & Graaf is a way of expressing and sharing that passion with others. The idea was dreamed up on a road trip to the beautiful coastal town of Byron Bay so in honour of its origins we try to infuse everything we do with a holiday vibe!

2. What inspires you about a product that makes you want to add it to your shop?

We’re inspired by travel so anything that reflects the diverse cultures and lifestyles found around the world is always appealing. Other things I look for include good design, sustainability and passion on behalf of the producer. I always try to choose products that are made with love and that communicate that sense of care to the customer.

3. What do you love about working with Simon De Graaf?

Everything! He’s like a rudder that keeps me steady on my course. I’m a bit of a daydreamer and hyperactive in my thought processes, it’s so reassuring to have his practical and considered influence to balance me out.

4. Do you have a favorite piece in your shop currently?

Do I have to choose? At a push, I’d have to say the washable Uashmama bags. They are the ideal product for Girl & Graaf in many ways – a clever update on the traditional Tuscan bread bag, Uashmama does a great job of infusing innovative technology with a gorgeous rustic simplicity.

5. Describe Girl & Graaf's style aesthetic.

A breezy interpretation of simple, classic chic.

6. Any current obsessions you would like to share?

Greenery, in all its forms. I’m already and huge fan of fresh flowers in the home and office so the trend towards lush, indoor displays of foliage is lovely to see.

7. What is the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?

“The only person you can change is yourself”. This advice has served me well both at work and in relationships.

8. What is the one fashion item you think is a “must-have” for every women?

This one’s easy - an oversized, soft white cotton shirt for fuss-free casual elegance. It looks just as good thrown over a bikini as it does tucked into a pretty skirt, with a pair of heels. Personally, I can’t go past Equipment for the perfect white, cotton shirt.

9. Any advice you would like to give to aspiring shop owners?

Always take the time to plan ahead. Creativity needs organisation in order to thrive. Oh, and pay your bills on time – that way you’ll always have an abundance of good will to call on!

10. Any exciting Girl & Graaf plans for 2013?

Where do I start? We’re introducing two new labels into the collection this April, as well as expanding some of our current lines. We’re also scouting for beautiful men’s products, with the view to introducing a men’s collection later in the year. Whenever we seem quiet, there’s usually a huge flurry of activity going on behind the scenes!

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Swedish Dream Sea Salt SoapWashable Paper Bag BrownEnamelware Mug

Q&A: Richmond Thread Lab

How did richmond thread lab get started?
It started as an outlet for a hobby. I loved using my hands and creating wearable pieces from vintage and texture rich materials. I began creating small hair accessories about 2 years ago, that led to making clutch bags and messenger bags and over the past year or so, my focus has shifted to men's accessories, specifically, men's neckties. I was working with a lot of wool and tweed and a friend suggested I make some ties out of those types of materials. The first season I made them, it was really successful and it's grown from there. I try to keep my focus on natural fibers and material full of texture, as you don't often see these in men's ties. I rarely use silk or traditional tie material and I like it that way. I try to provide a hand crafted accessory that is unique and rich with detail and texture.
Why ties as the main focus?
After the first season they were really successful and I noticed a gap in the handcrafted marketplace for men's wear. This led me to focus more on ties specifically. I really wanted to create a product that was high quality with a lot of attention to detail, so I decided to move forward with one focus and get really good at it. I'm constantly improving my technique and process and this narrow focus really allows me to do that without being overwhelmed. RTL is also a very small operation and I want to make sure I give myself the time and care needed to be intentional with each and every tie.
Any exciting plans for 2013?
Richmond Thread Lab's Spring line just debuted and we just released a lookbook video with some really talented videographers and designers in Baltimore on that. I'm also looking to reach out to more retail in 2013, so if you think Richmond Thread Lab might be a good fit in your shop or one you know of, please reach out!


To learn more about Richmond Thread Lab visit their website.


Being Elliott + Bodil Vintage

I came across Bodil Vintage while going through Instagram one day. I was immediately drawn to their unique and interesting collection of eclectic vintage finds. I had to learn more about this sweet vintage mecca. I contacted the Swedish shop owners Elin & Patrik to ask a few questions for Being/Elliott. They kindly obliged. Enjoy the interview below!
Also be sure to check out Bodil Vintage on facebook and tumblr for more updates.


1. How did Bodil Vintage get its start?
Since I was little I have had a big interest in second-hand and wanted to work with that one day. In 2004 I started to sell on different platforms, but it was not until the autumn of 2012 that I started Bodil Vintage with my future husband.
2. What inspires you to sell vintage?
By the fact that the earth's resources have already been exceeded. What we yearn for is already made so we don't need to create new. I wish more of us would realize that. The fun part is you can get a really nice piece that nobody else has and you get to be creative with it.
3. Where/how do you acquire your vintage pieces?
We find our pieces at various flea markets and second-hand stores. In the summer, we usually take a road trip from the east coast to the west coast where many have garage sales in their gardens. It's funny when you can get a story behind the garment as well. We also buy stuff when we travel.
Vintage Russian Scarf
4. Do you have a favorite piece in your shop currently ?
I really like the russian scarf, it reminds me of Russia and the babushkas but also of midsummer here in Sweden.
5. Describe the Bodil Vintage style aesthetic. 
Eclectic. We buy things that we think are beautiful regardless of style or era.
6. Any current obsessions you would like to share? 
I LOVE kimonos, I own three kimonos myself that fit different occasions, one of them is more of a jacket. I wish I could find more of them we could sell, but I often keep them for myself.
7. What is the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?
Last summer I was sitting worrying about something when a young man passed by and leaned toward me and whispered, "It's all in your head" and then he left. I was very surprised, but happy. It is so often true and I try to remember his words in different contexts or when I see an obstacle.


8. What is the one fashion item you think is a “must-have” for every women?
 I think everybody should have something that makes them feel good-looking, unique and comfortable. Maybe that's a boring answer but Bodil Vintage is trying not to focus on trends but on helping to find pieces that makes you feel that way.
9. Any advice you would like to give to aspiring vintage shop owners? 
Don't see each other as competitors but as part of a whole. Share and encourage each other! And get on Instagram, we believe most of our costumer found us there and also most of the times we get to see the garments on!
10. Any exciting plans for Bodil Vintage in 2013? 
Yes! We have a collaboration with a swedish artist who has given us some of her old treasures which will be launched as a separate collection in May. The models are ordinary people and people who we really look up to, as well as the stylist and the photographer. We see it all as a collective work with them and an opportunity to highlight the people behind all the work and clothes. The collection is fabulous! 21545-c766f3d53ff04c21bba7bc2056e56a2c