The Decor Tips I Live By.

Oh goodness. It’s time to start a new home decor project: our bedroom. We want the space to feel bright, open, and relaxing; an oasis in an otherwise crazy city. I really want to pull our travels into our space. Showcasing unique mementos adds a joyful element to any space. I am excited! As fun as this process is, it can be extremely time consuming. After going through the process a few times, I’ve developed a few tips and tricks I use to make the process easier. Here are a few of my favorites below.

1. Start with looking at pictures of rooms you love: I keep my Pinterest updated with rooms I love for project inspiration. Check it out here.

2. Pick your focal point: Every room needs a focus, whether it’s a piece of artwork or a bright wall color. It gives you a place to start. You can work from there. 

3. Start with one large piece: For our dining room we started with our dining room table. For our living room we started with our white couch. It helped us so much to have a large piece to work with at first. 

4. Visit thrift shops for steals: You never know what you will find in a thrift shop. I have found so many amazing pieces. I once found this awesome beachy side table for $3. Go on a hunt.

5. Hunt antique stores for ageless details: Antique stores can be expensive, especially in NYC. What I love to look for is a little detail to make a big impact. I love to look for vintage movie posters or magazines to add to coffee tables or bare walls. This adds a timeless personal touch.

6. Display a collection of things you love: In my office I have my match box collection on one of my side tables. I love looking at it and remembering what places I have been to from the names on the match boxes.

7. Find a color scheme: This is hard to do but helps so much. I love to start with a paint color I like and go from there. I find linens, artwork, and furniture which works within the color scheme. This creates a great way to ease into the decorating process. 

8. Group items of like colors together: I do this all the time to create little cohesive pairings on coffee tables, buffets and window sills. I group off-white colors together: an antler bone, candle holder, and ceramic bowl. This is easy and makes a big impact. 

9. When in doubt, add a gallery wall: Gallery walls are perfect for showcasing memories, favorite movies, artwork or anything else you want. This adds a personal element to a space.

10. Plants. Plants. Plants: Not only do they improve air quality in your home but they look pretty dang great. I love to add tropical plants to my space to bring the outside in.