I'm 27 years old today. This seems crazy. This year has flown by. My twenties have been fun, but also full of some not so fun insecurities. As I head into my 27th year, I want to throw all my baggage of insecurities and all my "do I look fat in this dress?" nonsense out the window.

I want this year to be full of unplanned adventures, bad karaoke ballads and maybe, just maybe, an occasional super size fries from McDonald's (OK, I admit it...they are GOOD).

I want this to be a year of gratefulness. I have so much to be thankful for. Also, I want this to be a year of giving. All the negativity, hate and devastating disaster in the world makes my heart cry out. I want this 27th year of my life to be about helping others. Whether it be donating more to amazing causes or giving my time and energy to make the world a little better. Hey, if we all did this, I think the change would be palpable.

I also want this to be the year of doing crazy things, a year of firsts. I want to face my fears and achieve goals I've been on the fence about. This may be the year I jump out of a plane,  do a zip line, or face my fear of gorillas (I have dreams of one chasing me).

Sometimes we put things off until it's too late. It seems I'm always pushing the to do list to the next day, next week, or next month. This year, I want to break that habit. I know this is easier said than done. By just putting one foot in front of the other... I think I can do it!

27: I'm very thankful to be here. I'd like to thank God, my family, my husband, my friends, (and all the french fries, donuts and pizza in the world) for supporting me in my journey through life.

I'm ready to get started! Let's do this crazy year!

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