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Around Our Apartment No.2

I'm about to hop on a flight down south. Always moving. Always going. This week I've been flying solo most of the time. Aaron was in Hong Kong and is now in London. Luckily, this has given me a ton of time to do what I love to do best: recipe testing!

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The Decor Tips I Live By.

Oh goodness. It’s time to start a new home decor project: our bedroom. We want the space to feel bright, open, and relaxing; an oasis in an otherwise crazy city. I really want to pull our travels into our space. Showcasing unique mementos adds...

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Our dining room makeover in Domino Magazine.

I had such a fun time redesigning our dining room recently! You should have seen it before--Aaron had his own little man cave he would treat as a little office. Once I moved in after we were married, I knew I wanted to transform the room into a dining room and make it a place where people would love to gather. So I did! I created it a "California-modern" vibe with a New York City twist. 


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