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I'm 27 years old today. This seems crazy. This year has flown by. My twenties have been fun, but also full of some not so fun insecurities. As I head into my 27th year, I want to throw all my baggage of insecurities and all my "do I look fat in this dress?" nonsense out the window.

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3 years.

Aaron and I were recently reading the paper together and saw a picture celebrating a couple who had been married for 75 years. We both were in a happy kind of shock. For a couple to stay together for 75 years is such a stellar accomplishment.

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a night out...

When I get the chance to go dancing in the city I don’t normally turn it down. Sometimes the stress of living in New York City can really get me down. Luckily, last week I got a chance to dance while celebrating a truly awesome brand new...

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