A Sunday Kind of Love: My Latest Loves


1. Dancing. 

I've been on a kick lately. I just want to dance whenever possible. Almost got spicy and went salsa dancing last night. Maybe next weekend.


2. Walking

I've been going on marvelous walks lately. In neighborhoods, to bookshops, or even to grab a Popsicle.

It is a quiet sweet bliss receieved for the day, a breath of relaxation.


3. Johnny Cash

Music crush as of late especially. A soulful voice that flows like chocolate syrup on a vanilla sunday. He was a dapper man, and quite a looker to boot.


4. Rhino Books 

A "pocket sized" bookstore right by my university. Full of smells and reasonably priced reads. I like to browse the cookbooks and dream.


5.  The Walk West by Peter and Barbara Jenkins

A adventuresome read about a new husband and wife walking across the Great American West together. Like reading a diary of the American experience.


6. My Dad Brad

I miss my cowboy father and long to watch a John Wayne or Clint Eastwood movie with him (so he can answer all my cowboy questions)

Home in 2 weeks!