my hero...

One of my heroes passed away yesterday, my Granddad Glenn Meek. My Granddad wasn't my hero because he was famous or anything like that. He was my hero because he was always there for his family and taught me what being a hard worker truly was. He built our family cabin in the woods of Missouri and will always be ingrained in all the memories made there, and all the memories to come. Granddad you meant the world to me and every time I look at the river I will think of you in heaven. Love you forever and thank you for our beautiful memories. Looking forward to seeing you again.

Being Elliott + Housing Works

I'm so excited to announce my partnership with Housing Works and their charity event: Fashion for Action

If you don't know what Housing Works is, here it is in a nutshell: 

Housing Works is an organization which helps homeless young people escape life in the streets.  This organization works to  build relationships between street outreach workers and homeless youth. 

If you live in the NYC area (or love online shopping), you can make a direct impact on these efforts by buying  Housing Works' wonderful consignment, vintage and designer items. You can purchase them online or in their beautiful NYC stores.

I personally love Housing Works. I shop their store for vintage home decor items and designer clothing on the regular. I highly recommend checking them out!

Each year, Housing Works hosts an event called Fashion for Action. Fashion for Action is a shopping event + party. The event lets you shop exclusive designer apparel, sip champagne and snack on horsd’eouvres, all while supporting a great cause!

Guess what? This year, I will be on hand to greet you at Fashion For Action!  Let's get together for a great cause! I'd love to see you there!

Are you in? You can purchase your tickets right here!

Fashion for Action will take place in the Housing Works flagship Chelsea Thrift Shop. If you attend, you'll get first dibs on over 150 designer brands!  You can end this intimate shopping party by dancing the night away at the Rubin Museum of Art.  I'll be cutting a rug with you!

Proceeds from this charity event will support Housing Works’ youth outreach programming, which provides dedicated HIV prevention and treatment services for young people living with HIV/AIDS or at risk of infection. 

This years’ event chairs are: Fashion Stars Zac Posen and John Varvatos. Both are amazing designers and it is such a pleasure to be involved with them in this event. 

Housing Works contacted me a few weeks ago to support Fashion For Action as a fashion influencer.  I'm  honored, to say the least. I feel so blessed to work with a company I have so much respect for!

Please join me to support Housing Works’ youth outreach programming by attending this year's Fashion for Action event. I would love to see you there! 

You can purchase your tickets for Housing Works Fashion for Action today right here! Come shop with me!

-Like my dresses above? They are from Heartloom. These dresses are chic + comfy and you can shop these looks at Fashion for Action! 

--So buy those tickets already! #f4a2014