books, the last page.

when I first pick up a book…I may look at the cover








but this is not enough.

When making the decision to read or leave

I take an alternative route.

I let my fingers flip from

page to page

chapter to chapter

plot to plot

character to character

to the end.

for that is where I start.

I start by reading the last sentence.

I have found that you can learn a lot about a person by exploring their pages,

books are no different.

starting with the last sentence fuels my curiosity,

and leaves me wanting..

to read

and read

and read more.

and then work my way back there.

all the way back to that last sentence,

to my starting point.

the last sentence to sum up the ocean of words.

it is a closer?

an all encompassing end?

or is it

the last page…

In what different ways do you like to experiance a new book?