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Carol's signature designs blend raw, organic shapes with finely finished gemstones and freshwater pearls to create one-of-a-kind statement pieces. Every design is conceptualized and handcrafted by Carol in her Houston design studio and many are conceived while traveling the world for ideas and inspiration.

Carol designs for women who have a strong sense of style and enjoy making a statement when they walk into a room. Her collections surprise and delight with designs and color combinations never seen before. Carol’s signature is mixing colors, shapes and textures that are unexpected, yet beautiful when put together. It’s that magical mix of color, style and innovative design that sets her jewelry apart and has women all over the world collecting and wearing her creations.DSC_0126

The concept for Carol Lipworth Designs had its start in 2004. After owning and running a boutique hotel on the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica, Carol and her husband, Steve, converted the hotel into their home and retired there. With new found time on her hands and surrounded by the natural beauty of the jungle and ocean, Carol was inspired to begin designing and creating jewelry, something she had always dreamed of doing. Her natural gift for combining colors, shapes, and textures was immediately apparent in her designs and soon she was selling her work in galleries and boutiques.

Carol's latest designs are a study in contrasts: from her fresh take on the classics - exquisite strands of eye-popping baroque pearls - to her edgy iridescent rock crystal and antiqued brass collection.

You can count on Carol to hunt down the most unusual, exotic stones and pearls and combine them in ways that delight and inspire.

You can find Carol Lipworth Designs statement jewelry at the following specialty stores and boutiques:

MPenner -Houston, TX Levy's -Nashville, TN Studio Seven Fine Arts -Pleasanton, CA Et Cetera -Amarillo, TX Urban Retreat, Houston, TX The Boutiques onboard Regent, Seabourn, SilverSeas, Oceania, Crystal and Azamara cruise lines.

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