Being Elliott + Temerity Jewelry

DSC_02911. Crown of the Valley Cuff by Temerity Jewelry 

Temerity Jewelry is the project of Brooklyn-based designer Roberta Gorin. A former fashion consultant and the granddaughter of a fine jeweler, Roberta grew up with a deep appreciation for artistry and craftsmanship and an understanding of the inherent power of jewelry as art.


With an academic background in anthropology, she approaches her designs with an intellectual curiosity and an aesthetic sense rooted in the prolific history of adornment across cultures. Taking inspiration from mythology, the thrill of exploration and discovery, and tales of heroism and romance, Roberta seeks to share her fascination with our collective histories and our role in their creation.


Roberta creates each piece in its entirety in her Brooklyn studio. Concurrent with the launch of Temerity Jewelry, she collaborated with CFDA Award-winning designer Billy Reid on a capsule collection for his men’s and women’s Fall/Winter 2012 runway show.


Roberta's latest collection is called the Artifacts. She drew her inspiration from South American exploration & archaeology and focused on the incorporation of color, gems (jet, amethyst, and tektite), and antique glass with brass, sterling silver, and rose silver.  She partnered with Liz Martone, a talented mosaic artist, to hand cut the antique glass used in a few of the pieces.  The stones and gems she uses are all ethically sourced.  As always, Roberta uses recycled metals exclusively. She is proud to say that everything is produced in New York City.

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