Being Elliott + Rabens Saloner

DSC_0072 Women’s clothing brand Rabens Saloner was established in 2007 by designer Birgitte Raben Olrik. She entered the fashion world as an entrepeneur with a great deal of experience from her many years as a competent purchaser for Apair and Flying A - two of Copenhagen’s most successful fashion shops.


Rabens Saloner is a state of mind. A cross between flair for fashion and a genuine love for traditional Asian craftsmanship. With every new collection all in her head (due to an old injury she can’t draw!) Birgitte visits a hodge-podge of workrooms and family businesses in all corners of Asia. Village dressmakers, leather smiths, bonepolishers, armies of knitting grandmas, and Nepalese men, huddled in groups of four to stitch the most breathtaking knit wear.


Birgitte’s got a soft spot for things that are made by hand, and she’s very keen to promote sustainability in the countries of origin.

”There is so much inspiration to gather from local artisans if you show them that you appreciate their skills and admire their traditions. It’s a kind of mutual fertilization, if you keep an open mind, amazing things can emerge from it,” Birgitte says.

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