Blog Loving: The Refined Woman

RefinedWoman_005 I had the pleasure of meeting up with Kat and Em of The Refined Woman while I was covering New York Fashion Week for LOLO Magazine. Both Kat and Em bloomed with a beaming effervescence that simply lights up the room. It became evident we would become fast friends. As well as running the blog, both Kat and Em are talented photographers. They have a style that brings a unique energy to their photos that makes the subject feel radiant. I mean...they took my photo and I felt like a celebrity! Want to learn more about these blogger gems? Check out my interview below to gain a closer look.






1. What is The Refined Woman all about?

The Refined Woman is a style blog designed to empower young women to embrace elegance and femininity in the work place.

2. Why did you start The Refined Woman?

Em and I are both have a love affair with fashion.

However, we both run our own photography businesses which keep us on our feet and running around upwards of 12 hours on any given day. While we love fashion we need functional outfits that we can actually move and bend in, and shoes that won’t make us cry after a few hours.

Neither of us wanted to give up our style or femininity just because we have crazy jobs, so it became our goal to find those ‘golden’ outfits that were fashionable, feminine, and still functional.

As much as we love fashion blogs we found that not many outfits were transferable to our busy lives.

We decided why not start a blog of our own where we show what we wear on those long days of shooting, to client meetings, or simply a day of editing.

I don’t think either of us could have ever guessed that we would be curating a style blog, yet here we are! We could not be more thrilled to be sharing our experiences and outfits with the working woman!

3. What does it mean to be "a refined woman" ?

Being a refined woman does not mean you have it all together (because really...who does have it all together?) It does not mean you are the most trendy either. No, being a refined woman means you are a lady who is committed to tailored style and uncompromised elegance throughout her days.RefinedWoman_016

4. Describe who you think your typical reader is ?

Our readers are young women who are ambitious, adventurous, not afraid of risk taking and dream chasing. They care about people, and want to live a meaningful life without regret. They care about refined elegance within their wardrobe, are not concerned with keeping up with the latest trends, but instead in building a tailored classic wardrobe that will take her through her professional and personal life.

5. What are some of your fashion must-haves for the upcoming spring months?

Oooh fun question! There are a few things Em and I cannot get over this spring:

Bows-Kate Spade’s Spring Collection involves all things Bows. Their feminine and classy, but there seems to be something inevitably sassy about them too. Pleats-Last fall it made me so happy to see pleats back on the runway. A classic a-line pleated skirt is a staple, but there’s also something fresh and whimsical about it this spring. I would choose to wear a neutral pleated knee length skirt with a flowy chiffon top front tucked, braided belt, chunky necklace, and wedges. Voila! Color Blocking-I know it’s been a thing for the past couple of seasons, but I really don’t care because I still think it’s fresh.

Patterns - I was so inspired by the way J.Crew mixed their patterns for their fall 2013 preview and I don't see why I would wait until Fall to start mixing those patterns. I'm thinking plaid with cheetah, dots + stripes and floral prints all over.RefinedWoman_010

6. Share your Favorite designer and why.

Honestly if I could live in J.Crew, I would. Em and I met Jenna Lyons (Creative Director for JCrew) in NYC a few weeks ago, and I think we can both die happy. What I love about J.Crew is how each season they push the envelope with their mixture of patterns, textures, and colors with classic silhouettes; it’s why they’re able to appeal to the 18 year old hipster, the 30something business woman, and Anna Wintour. You can’t beat class, and you cannot beat Jenna Lyons innovative mixture of all things new with all things timeless.

7. Share four products you are currently obsessing over and why.

1. Nars Matte Lip Pencil in Dragon Girl (let’s be real here, I’ve been obsessing over this one for the last 2 years). 2. Ona leather camera bags. Not only are they such well crafted and cute leather bags, they are perfect for traveling and carrying around your SLR and a lens or two. 3. Leather Baseball Caps. We saw that at the JCrew Fall 2013 Presentation, and Em and I have been on the hunt for one ever since! 4. TokyoMilk "La Vie La Mort" eau de parfum ... it smells incredible and sometimes I won't lie I splash myself with it twice a day.

8. Advice for bloggers just starting out?

What people kept telling me, and what I will keep telling others is this: BE YOU; it is the most unique thing in the world that you have to offer. Your perspective, your vision, your story, your creativity is something that no one else has. Hone in on what makes you YOU, and then share it with the world. People sense and connect with authenticity.

Lastly, make real connections. Don't always be on the look out for what someone can do for you, but who they are as people. People sense that too and to be genuinely interested in others makes them want to invest in you.