Q&A: Cotton and Flax

trio large1. How did you get your start with designing home goods?

I am trained as a fine art printmaker, and a few years ago I wanted to experiment with pattern design and printing on textiles. I found the process to be very satisfying, and challenging in a different way than fine art, so I decided to branch out with a small line of home goods and make it a full time project.

2. What inspires you to create?

If I take a break from creative projects, I don't feel like myself. I think I'm like a lot of artists in this way, we create because it makes us feel whole.

3. What do you love about working with textiles?

I love the sheer variety of fabrics, the subtle differences between colors and weaves and textures. I was initially drawn to printing on fabric because I wanted to make things that were useful. Fine art is very useful in it's own way, but I wanted to create beautiful objects that could be enjoyed in an every day setting.

4. Do you have a favorite piece you have made?

I occasionally find fabrics that are too expensive to use for my Cotton & Flax line, but I love them so much that I just buy a tiny amount, and print a small pillow for myself. I have one pillow in particular that sits on my couch right now... the color is just this perfect shade of greyed mint green. It makes me smile when I see it on the sofa.

5. Describe your style aesthetic.

In terms of my own personal style, I think I am still developing. I am so attracted to clothing and interior spaces that are very minimalist and spare, but I can't ever seem to reproduce that type of simplicity in my own life. Someone told me once that a messy studio is a productive studio, so in that sense, I doubt I'll ever achieve the type of minimalist style I admire. I do try to surround myself with things that have meaning, are beautiful, and are built to last.

6. Any current obsessions you would like to share? 

Baked goods from Matchbox Kitchen. Everything that Sara (the talented owner) bakes is incredible, and her dedication to using quality, delicious ingredients really comes through in her creations. I have been obsessed with her PB&J Sandwich Cookies for months now.

7. What is the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?

Be kind.

 black diamond teatowel
8. What is the one interior design item you think is a “must-have” for every home? 

A beautiful bookshelf. I know many people believe that paper books are going the way of the dodo bird, but I just don't trust a home without at least a small collection of books displayed. Oh, and every home should have at least one thing that features a beautiful pattern.

9. Any advice you would like to give to aspiring home goods designers?

Use the best materials you can find, and take time and care in developing new products. Aspire to create things that add meaning to people's lives.

gold large with stack

10. Any exciting designing plans for 2013? 

I am excited to collaborate with more talented friends, and hopefully debut a few new products before the year's end! I try to follow my own advice, and only release products when I think they are the best they can be, so debuting a new item is really quite exciting for me.


To learn more about Cotton & Flax visit their website.