Blog Loving: The Fiercest Lilliputian




Emma Litton is a vintage vixen. Emma runs a fabulous blog called The Fiercest Lilliputian which is just as interesting as its name! The Fiercest Lilliputian is cholk-full of vintage content and daily looks and is the perfect place for an inspiration or two from years gone by. Want to learn more about Emma’s blog? Check out my interview below to gain a closer look.







1. What is The Fiercest Lilliputian all about?

It is a blog about my interest in vintage style and what goes on in my daily life.

2. Why did you start The Fiercest Lilliputian?

I followed blogs for a long time and loved the community and inspiration I derived from them, creating my own blog was a natural next step.

3. How do you capture vintage style in a 21st century world ?

Since I don't really follow trends and lean instead on classic vintage styling it is very easy for me. I get a lot of inspiration from old movies, old magazines, books, and other vintage lover's blogs. I incorporate the things I like, hair styles, make up, clothing, and put together whatever look I desire. I do most of my shopping at vintage stores, thrift stores and online. There are a lot of lovely reproduction brands out there that I buy from as well . When people first meet me they often wonder how I can work/live dressed as I am. I wear things that are practical to what I do and still have the vintage flair I love. It is actually much easier than most people think to dress in a vintage style, you just have to put some thought into it. I think research and just putting it into practice are very easy ways to capture the style I love.DSC_0724

4. Describe who you think your typical reader is (her style and attitude towards life)?

My typical reader is probably a vintage lover (like myself) and interested in maintaining a classic/glamorous way of dressing in every day life.

5. What are some of your vintage fashion must-haves for the upcoming spring months? 

-A pair of adorable sandals. I always ohhh and ahhh over Remix shoes.

-A lovely breezy day dress, like this one from etsy.

-A light hat. I adore anything made of straw

6. Share your favorite vintage piece you own and why. 

My favorite vintage piece is my 1950's wedding dress. Along with the whole ensemble I wore at my wedding. I also wore my mother's gloves, which she bought from a vintage store when she was getting married, I believe they are from around 1915. There will always be a special place in my heart for my wedding dress and no vintage item could probably come close to my love and affection for it.Litton-40

7. Share three products you are currently obsessing over and why.

1. My Mason Pearson brush. Oh my goodness. If you are a lover of setting your hair in a vintage manner (which requires loads of brushing out) or just looking for an amazing hair brush, it is the one. It's quite pricey, but I'm spoiled now and won't use any other. It is the most gentle brush and makes my hair glossy and smooth.

2. Any kind of MAC lipstick. Russian Red and Lady Danger are two of my favorites. Their colors are incredible and they have beautiful matte shades.

3. Coconut oil. I adore this stuff. I use it as a make up remover as it is especially good for removing water proof make up. I also use it for a moisturizer, for my skin and nails. I use it as a shaving cream too, it gives you a closer shave and leaves your skin silky soft. It may sound odd as it is also used in cooking, but it is seriously amazing.

8. Advice for bloggers just starting out?

Make sure you are creating a blog because you want to, not because you want to make money or get something. Not that those things are bad, but they aren't a reason to create a blog. Make one that is true to yourself and whatever you are interested in. Have fun with it, and enjoy the community that comes with blogging. Don't worry about having the most followers or being a popular blog, just enjoy what you love.