Being Elliott + Bomisch

I have a HUGE  thing for vintage decor. So when I found a vintage milk bottle from a little shop called Bomisch I had to get the scoop ! I talked to the creator of Bomisch ,Morgan Fender, to learn more about her amazing online shop. Enjoy the interview below!

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1. How did Bomisch get its start? 

Bömisch started with the desire to integrate my passion for creativity, love of quality, unique goods and accounting background into one. The name came about after tossing words back and forth between my mom and I. Words that described the feel of the shop that I had dreamed of and planned for years.  The word bohemian stood out to me. Bohemian, by its definition, is a person, as an artist or writer, who lives and acts free of regard for conventional rules and practices.  This is the type of shop I wanted to have.  A place that had its own unique charm, distant from mainstream culture, where people could not only shop but be inspired by the space they were in. bömisch is my version of the German word for bohemian. My heritage is German and I loved the way the umlauts rested over the "o".

2. What inspires you to sell home and garden products? 

Inspiration for me has always come from flea markets, thrift stores and local farmer's markets.  I love hunting for a product. The journey to find the item is as special as the good itself. Markets bring their community together, allow people to explore, mingle with others and spark creative ideas. I wanted these attributes to fit online shopping as well. I wanted my customers to be inspired and feel as if they were discovering the products on their own.

3. Where/how do you acquire your pieces?

bömisch has three main categories of goods: Market, Found and Made.  All of which feature unique home goods, gifts and items for the individual.  Market items are new goods that are acquired through home and gift trade shows where vendors from all over the world come together.  Found items are discovered through thrifting during my travels.  I search for one-of-a-kind items that I think can fit into modern day homes and lives.  Made items are handmade by independent artisans that I have met in my travels, locally here in Durham or by the creative people that were already a part of my life.


4. Do you have a favorite piece in your shop currently?

Right now I really love the Barr-Co. Pure Vegetable Hand Soap we have in our apothecary collection.  The soap is packaged in a lovely glass bottle that can be used again and again. The scent is so natural and pleasing with hints of milk, oatmeal, vanilla and vetivert. Barr-Co.’s products are vegan and made in the USA.

5. Describe the Bomisch aesthetic. 

bömisch is a place where bohemian goods from past and present eras are curated to create a one-of-a-kind decor for the home and gifts for your life. We strive to have a local shop vibe, online.

6. Any current obsessions you would like to share? 

I recently started a collection of vintage, crocheted throws.  They add a bright pop of color and softness to my industrial loft space. I may need to start collecting them for bömisch instead so that I don't become the girl who lived in her crocheted blankets.

7. What is the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?

If you're not happy, change it.  Find a way to fit your passions into your daily life because tomorrow is not promised.  Liking what you do is happiness.


8. What is the one household item you think is a “must-have” for every home? 

Every home must have a piece of vintage.  It will add character and can be paired with every style of decor. Vintage items tell a story and you are saving it from being lost and wasted. If you are unsure of how to bring vintage into your home, start with something small.  An old bottle with fresh flowers from your local market is a great way to begin and it saves the energy that would have been used for creating a new one!

9. Any advice you would like to give to aspiring shop owners? 

Save money, plan and know that it's going to take lot of hard work. Stick to your style and customer demographic once you decide what that is.  Your customers need to get a feel for what you offer and know that those types of items will always be available.

10. Any exciting plans for Bomisch in 2013? 

This year I want to discover new markets, goods and cultures through traveling and bring a taste of each of them back to bömisch.  A trip that I look forward to each year is at the end of summer.  My family drives from Michigan and I drive from North Carolina to meet in Upstate New York for a long weekend of vintage thrifting.  We stay in an old home that was renovated into a bed and breakfast, take away some great finds and wonderful memories.screen-shot-2013-04-03-at-9-32-52-pm


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