Vanity Fair Best Dressed Challenge

Screen shot 2013-05-10 at 12.46.53 PM  

I am ecstatic to share with you guys that I am…A FINALIST in Vanity Fair's Best Dressed Challenge!

Here is the challenge in a nutshell; the challenge consists of  the contestants (fashionistas like yourself) posting pictures on the Vanity Fair website, and the more people that vote for your pictures the more points you get!

I am honored to have gone so far in this competition. But now I need your help!

If you guys could just vote for my looks on the site HERE (you vote by clicking on the gray hearts below the pictures) I would be so so so happy!

I love you guys and I appreciate your support so much! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your votes ! You can vote multiple times a day! Also, if your really feeling nice... you can share this post!   LETS WIN THIS!!

Love Love Love,

Brynn Elliott