A Collaboration with Muzio App

Hi Lovelies! Over the past couple months, I've have been working with B&C Designers on an exciting collaboration with their new app called Muzio.

What's Muzio ? Muzio is an app where you can share all of life's exciting happenings in one little package! We call this package a "Muze".

Muzio allows you to share photos, video, text and audio all in one place in order to tell your special story!

I absolutely adore this concept!  

Muzio's sleek & modern design makes the app easy to use and navigate through.

When Muzio approached me about doing a muse focused on a day in my life as a blogger & stylist, I was thrilled!  

Creating a muze is so easy!  My muze took only about 5 minutes to create.

Being Elliott's featured muze was all about a day in my life in NYC.  You can follow me as I blog, shop, and adventure all around the city.

Excited?! I'm excited to show you the final product!

You can view my muze --> HERE.

Want to create a muze of your own? Check out Muzio's website to learn more.