Being Elliott's Summer Jams

I am so thrilled summer is here. Beach sitting. Sunshine. I AM SO EXCITED. I put a few of my favorite summer jams together for you guys to rock out to this summer. I hope you fall in love & have a pretty wild ride.

Enjoy + Happy Summer! 

1. Neil Young | Cinnamon Girl

2. Ms | ait-J

3. That's the Way | Led Zeppelin 

4. Time to Run | Lord Huron

5. Age of Consent | New Order

6. I'm Free | The Rolling Stones

7. This Must be the Place | Talking Heads

8. Me and Julio Down by the Schoolyard | Paul Simon

9. All for the Best | Thom Yorke

10. Stephanie Says | The Velvet Underground 

Listen HERE 

+ illustration by elena boils & photo by margaux roy

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