A cut & color with Frederic Fekkai.

You know that feeling. When cooler, shadowy weather sweeps in each Fall, sometimes our sunny disposition blows away with the leaves. When the weather gets gloomy, you and I are in need of a pick-me-up! I tackle my gloomy weather feeling by visiting my "go-to" salon, Frederic Fekkai Soho. This year, I was off to see the Fekkai crew with the first hint of Fall cold. It was time for some hair magic to happen! Although the sun was not shining, I was so pleased my extremely talented colorist, Jax, brightened my day with more bright blonde highlights! Maybe the weather was sloppy, but my haircut master Fabrice made me look neat and tidy with the most beautiful layers and trim. 

No matter what the weather, it's always so great to take a break from meetings and shoots to relax in the calming environment of this great Salon. Getting an amazing shampoo doesn't hurt either! I love my bright new highlights and cut. Now I'm ready for fall! I want to thank the great folks of Frederic Fekkai Soho for taming my crazy long mane! Now all I need to do is throw on a sweater. I'm sure I'll be back very soon.