Let's talk about Natural Beauty...


We all possess natural beauty we can celebrate. I'm traveling in Arizona right now and I'm absolutely blown away by natural beauty! From striking desert to red rocks, snow-covered mountains to colorful Grand Canyon, natural beauty surrounds me!

Arizona has inspired me to celebrate our natural beauty.

I'm taking off my makeup today and I invite you to take off yours! Let's let our natural beauty shine through! We all have striking characteristics. Even our flaws and quirky qualities can add up to a special beauty.

We should celebrate the natural.

Pretty soon, it's back to the big city for me.

Guess what? I still plan to celebrate beauty, even if it includes sky scrapers and subways.

Natural beauty is all around.

Look for it: Big City or Big Sky or Big Sur or Bright Desert or.... the Beautiful Face looking at you in the mirror!

How can you celebrate your natural beauty? 

Brynn WatkinsComment