My Classic Rock Mix


So guys. I have a confession. I am a HUGE classic rock lady, A.K.A my alter-ego is a Joan Jett esque full on rock chick. Just watch, I may start my own all-girl band one day. One Day! Anyway, here is a mix of some of my favorite classic rock tracks from the creme de la creme of rocker dudes. (be on the lookout for another one featuring my favorite lady rockers coming soon!) Enjoy + rock it out! 


1.  House Of The Rising Sun | The Animals

2. Gimme Shelter | The Rolling Stones

3. Sweet Emotion | Aerosmith

4. Rock And Roll All Nite | KISS

5. Free Ride | The Edgar Winter Group

6.  Hurricane | Bob Dylan

7. Light My Fire | The Doors

8. Immigrant Song | Led Zeppelin

9. Little Wing | Jimi Hendrix 

10. Burnin' For You | Blue Oyster Cult 


Take a listen HERE

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