My First Video: Featuring Santorini, Greece!

A short video glimpse into my amazing adventure to Santorini, Greece. 


Santorini was nothing short of an absolute dream. Aaron surprised me with this trip for V-Day and I was THRILLED to say the least--husband bonus points for him! I am so excited to share my travel tips and favorite spots with you guys. PLUS, I have a HUGE announcement: I started a YOUTUBE CHANNEL! This is something I have been wanting to do for awhile and am so excited to finally get my first video out to you guys!

Check out the video above and let me know if you love it by liking it and subscribing to my channel on YouTube right here

I am going to be posting many more videos to this YouTube channel, including more travel, how-to, cooking, and adventure videos and so much more. 

I guess you can call this "Greece Week", because I'm going to be posting so much more Greece content over the next few days! So be sure to check back to see lots of travel tips and photos. 

Thanks for watching my video! Feel free to share it!