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Now I am the first one to admit I sometimes don't stick to my workouts. It's really hard with a crazy travel schedule. I try my best to stick to this beneficial workout routine, however.

I'm a lady who always likes to move, but I also love moments of peace. This workout helps me move plus get some zen time in. Without further adu, here's my favorite workout routine. 

First things first. Stretch. Do it. Not only is this SUPER important, it's vital. Stretching will help make your body feel better and your workouts work better. Check out these great warm up stretches (here.)

I love to run. I guess it just gives me a feeling of release. I ran cross country in high school and loved every minute of it. I've tried to keep that up. I usually kick my workout off with a mile run. I listen to a podcast to keep me entertained. Here are some of my favorites (herehere, and here) or crank up my workout playlist (here.)

Next up, I love to cool down with a little yoga. Some of my favorite poses are Half Moon, Downward Dog, Camel Pose and Child's Pose. If you want to learn some yoga poses, check out this video (here.

After this,  I like to use my weights for a few minutes. I use these weights. I normally do dumbbell punches. I'll do this alternating arms for 5 minutes. Here are some more workouts using weights I love (here).

Next comes cool down. I personally love walking or doing jumping jacks. Find some other great ideas to try (here.)

After everything is said and done, your workout routine has to be something that works for you. You have to like what you do.   

My workout works for me. I encourage other people to do what feels totally comfortable (while also feeling the burn--a little).

Good Luck & Happy Workout!

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