a sunny winter playlist.

It's the start of the year so, obviously, a new playlist should come next, right? Right you are! Here is a mix of some sunny tracks right smack in the middle of winter. Wierd I know...but I'm sending you some sunshine via music. There are  old + new tracks in here.  There's also a track I loved in high school (See if you can guess which one). Have fun & enjoy! P.S-I'm SO HAPPY The Beatles are now on Spotify! 


1.  Gold Soundz | Pavement

2. Steal My Sunshine | LEN

3. The World is Waiting for Sunrise | Les Paul & Mary Ford

4. High & Dry | Radiohead 

5. Sambalero | Stan Getz

6. Easy | Son Lux

7.  Sugar Town | Nancy Sinatra

8. Heart is a Drum | Beck

9. Strange Lights | Deerhunter

10. Here Comes The Sun | The Beatles


Take a listen HERE