On Marriage: Three things we've learned so far.

With the big ole' V-day coming up, I thought, "Why not share some marriage stuff?" 

Aaron and I have been married less than two years, but I feel we've had so many enriching learning experiences. Sharing life with someone you love is not always easy or perfect, but it is a wonderful adventure!  

Today, I'd like to share three things I've learned on my marriage adventure so far.
I asked Aaron to share three things as well. 

I hope these learning experiences can help you guys. We're sending love your way on this Valentine's Day! 

Aaron's three things:

1. Learn to compromise. When you’re single, it’s easy to make decisions based on what you want. Marriage does not work well when your self consumed, however. --Learn to make decisions based on what's good for you and your spouse, not just what works best for you. If both of you do this together, married life really won’t be too difficult.

2. Let your guard down and be weird sometimes. Sometimes I get the feeling most married people are too straight laced. Just because we’re married doesn’t mean we can’t have fun! Some of my best memories are of when Brynn and I were being silly and making absolutely zero sense at all. It’s always refreshing to know there will be someone you can laugh with for the rest of your life. --Just remember to keep the laughter in your life even through the tough times.  

3. Travel together. I don’t think there's a greater investment than to travel together. The return is always positive. Traveling helps you learn how to think through things together. For example,  have you ever been stuck in the middle of a foreign country without cell service, hundreds of miles away from the closest town? You can't find anything written in English and you have no idea where to go? 

That type of experience becomes the glue which holds a couple together! You learn to work as a team to overcome the obstacle.Traveling also helps you meet amazing people from around the world. Sometimes, they turn out to be lifelong friends!

Every time you travel, you create memories and stories to pass down to future kids some day. Those kids might think you're the coolest people around if you talk about summiting glaciers and hanging with lions! There are so many other positive reasons to travel together. You just have to make it happen.  

One funny thing about Brynn is: You can tell when Brynn's really excited about something. She can’t stop fidgeting! She'll subconsciously begin twitching her hands and feet about. It’s the closest I can get to reading her mind because I know she's always in a great mood when this happens! I love to "see" her excitement! 

Brynn's three Things:

1. Quirks are OK... In fact, they're awesome! No husband or wife is perfect. As a matter of fact, those quirky little qualities we all possess can be endearing. When Aaron is gone, I miss those little things that make my husband uniquely Aaron. I've learned to appreciate the little funny things.  --Aaron - keep on snoring-haha!

2. It's OK to have fights. It's normal for a married couple to quarrel. Just remember to keep the big picture in perspective: You love each other. Also...Don't forget to breathe! 

Emotions are funny. I sometimes find, when we are  having a fight, I start to laugh at myself because I forget how the fight even started! When I take a timeout and/or a deep breath, I ask myself, "Is this worth fighting about?" 

Of course I make mistakes. There are days I wish I could just tape my mouth shut...but you know what? I think we're improving every day. (P.S- This all works as long as Aaron feeds me. Otherwise, I get "HANGRY" ! LOL !) 

3. It's great to work together as a team. I was very independent before I was married. Nothing much has changed, however, I truly have learned to love the feeling when Aaron and I accomplish a task together. Whether it's cleaning the apartment or working on set together, I feel so good I can't hide it! 

I used to think couples were super cheesy when they said "Oh we make a great team," but now I realize how amazing it is to be part of a team. Go Team A + B! I'm a fan!

The silly thing I love about Aaron is: He makes up funny songs and serenades me. For instance, Aaron recently sang me a lovely musical number entitled "My Wife, the strife of my life." -Real cute honey...NOT!  You're still my Valentine!


+photos by Jen Trahan