My Travel Tips.

Sometimes I feel like my second home is an airplane. I've felt this way on more than one occasion. Imagine flight after flight after never ending TSA line. (Haha, kidding!) 

Traveling can be fun, but it helps to have some rad tricks up your sleeve to make travel experiences all the better. For a happy trip from airplane to chateau (errrrr AirBnB!), my husband and I have gathered some essential travel tips to share with you. 

Happy travels!

1. Bring snacks. Seriously, if you get hangry like me, this will save you (and your traveling buddy)! I love to bring healthy + easy to pack snacks. My go-tos are apples, bananas, healthy veggie chips and carrots. Snack on these babies in the plane instead of the mystery meat the airline gives you. 

2. Wear sunglasses. Sunglasses are basically a sign on your face saying,“I'm asleep or I'd like to be left alone”. Believe me, this will give you some glorious sleep time. Plus, sunglasses really dull the bright lights in the plane. If you're traveling during the day, you can also get in some extra z’s sans eye mask. 

3. Carry a blanket and travel pillow on long flights. I know it can be a pain to bring these with you on board, but man, are they ever worth it! These can come in handy and keep you comfy.

4. Toss hand sanitizer/face wipes in your bag. I use hand sanitizer and face wipes on long flights to save time and skip the in-flight sink.

5. Bring a credit or debit card with no transactions fees. The last thing you want is to have to deal with huge transaction fees on top of all the exchange rates. You bypass this with a credit card with no transaction fees. Easy. Just remember to pay your bills right when you return.

6. Pack the right adapters for travel. Be sure to check plugs needed for each country and pack accordingly. If you leave one at home, not to fear, your hotel should have some at the front desk to borrow or buy.

7. Avoid the big tour bus. Rental cars are great for any destination. Some of my favorite memories are from trips off the beaten tour bus path. Riding on a bus is easy, but can make you miss so many interesting little gems.

8. Think outside the box about where you stay. On our last trip to Iceland, we were planning on staying at a hotel. We actually cancelled our hotel at the last minute when we found camping gear to rent. We camped near the glorious waterfall where we were married. Good stuff. This made the trip such an adventure. In New Zealand, my husband drove a van all around and slept in it. Like I said, be creative in your accommodations!

9. Before you leave, look up articles on what to do. I love looking up hotels, as well as special hole-in-the wall destinations before I go anywhere new. I’ve found so many awesome spots by just checking a bit in advance.

10. Don’t feel the need to eat fancy every night, but use one night to treat yourself, if you can! We went to one of Paul Newman’s favorite restaurants on our last trip to France and, let me tell you, it was worth every penny!

11.Try cooking in your travel home! Going to grocery stores in other countries can be so interesting. I love looking up and down all the aisles to find new food discoveries. This can also be a great option if you have special dietary restrictions. Also, be sure to make your own food and have a picnic!

12. For shopping, look for local charity shops or flea markets instead of souvenir shops for some real gems. I've found some of my favorite; books, home decor items, and antiques in little stores all over the world. No need to spend a lot to get something special.

13. Bring your own towel. You never know how a place will really be until you get there. Having the comfort of a fresh and fluffy towel can really be amazing! I love packing this one by Boll & Branch in my suitcase, just in case of emergencies! 

Bon Voyage!