Three Generations on Natural Beauty.

My mom and grandmother came to New York City for a visit a couple months ago. My family very rarely gets to come visit so this was quite a treat. I was so excited to have gal time with my favorite home-girls (literally) haha! My grandma hadn't been to New York City for quite a while and she wanted to see all the undiscovered non-tourists places—HOORAY! We visited all our favorite restaurants, museums, and off-the-radar spots. We ate dessert, laughed, and talked up a storm. It was such bliss! At the end of their visit we even took a trip upstate to the Catskills to one of our favorite places to hike in Peekamoose! 

I loved having some precious time with wiser generations. I learn so much from these incredible women in my life! While I had them here (and their wealth of knowledge), I wanted to get their take on something I know my gal pals and I struggle with on a sometimes daily basis: Natural Beauty. So without further ado, here are two generations' (my mother and my grandmother's) thoughts as well as my own take (not as wise, but trying) on natural beauty. 


Tips from my Grandmother:

Natural beauty begins inside with positive thoughts.  These thoughts can bring a sparkle to your eyes and a smile to your face. Another beauty tip is to be satisfied with who you are. If you aren't worried about yourself, you can focus on others. That's when beauty shines through!

Regarding physical and mental health, you can be the most beautiful when you're caring for yourself with a proper diet, cleanliness, and physical fitness. Maintain good manners, attitude, and dress (which does not have to be expensive or elaborate).

Here's another tip: Let go of problems, frustrations, and resentment. Let bygones BE GONE to keep wrinkles away!

Final tip: Be joyful and pursue happiness. Your beauty will shine!


My Mom's Natural Beauty Tips:

Maybe I've gotten lazy. Maybe I've gotten wiser. I don't worry about makeup anymore. Since I've edged into the big 6-0, I worry about makeup less and smiling more. I worry about my looks less and my spirit more. Reaching out is the watchword. The prettiest folks are the friendliest. God wouldn't have it any other way.

I have to admit, I'm not perfect in my pursuit of beauty, but I'm working on it.

In the end, I hope folks remember my acts of love more than my looks.

Natural beauty is found in the deep recesses of our souls. It's the gift only God gives. Our acts of kindness pass this beauty on....generation after generation.


My Tips:

Still trying to figure this all out myself as gal in her twenties. I feel insecure about being natural sometimes. I have feelings like I’m not enough or i’m not DOING enough. You know, those annoying reminders you don’t have what it takes. 

I have noticed by nourishing my body from the inside out I have seen a huge improvement on my overall glow and sans-makeup state. Eating a (most-of-them-time) plant-based diet has helped this process immensely but also not making myself feel guilty for having that cupcake when I’m with a girlfriend is essential. I feel like when we start shaming ourselves and trying to have an overly perfect meal plan all the time, this creates so much stress. So I let myself cheat…once in a while at least. 

I’m learning inner joy can be contagious. I heard recently giving someone a compliment can mean more to them then handing them money. Isn't it amazing how we can build someone up with just our words alone? I love this. Putting this into practice in my own life everyday has helped nourish not only my deep friendships but has also helped curate new ones along the way. 

My most beautiful friends and people I see around me are those who radiate joy and the joy is then handed off to those around them. A smile can go a long way on the sometimes not so friendly streets of New York City. This is natural beauty to me. I see it in my mother, grandmother and many people I am so blessed to have around me. My only hope is that I can bring this kind of natural beauty to the world and this is my journey.