Planning for the unexpected...

I consider myself a pretty healthy person. I’m always trying to eat an organic, limited sugar, primarily vegetarian diet and I think it’s really been beneficial! But sometimes life simply happens and things you never expected turn a normal day into something dreaded. 

This year, I had an unexpected health issue pop up that could have been devastating financially  and emotionally (I may go in to this more in a future post). This was one of those times where we were so incredibly thankful that we had our health insurance covered. What made the experience even more seamless was that our coverage was through Oscar Health. They took all the confusing jargon away from the insurance process. We were able to go through this life experience with a clear mind, knowing that Oscar had our back and that if we had any questions their staff would help out. I was approached with the opportunity to partner with Oscar Health, and happily accepted the opportunity being that I am coincidentally a member!

Having health insurance really helped during this hard time. It was one less thing to worry about in a ball of craziness which I am so thankful for. This year I have a lot to be thankful for. I have recently started to make a list every week of what I am grateful for. It honestly makes me cry every time I read the list out-loud. There are so many thing to be thankful for in life, both big and small. I am so thankful for walks, coffee talks with my grandmother, and most of all my heath. 

I want all of you to have a stress free year as well next year. We need to constantly be doing whatever we can to safeguard ourselves against any problem that could potentially arise (even if you’re healthy!). The government has a very specific schedule for signing up for healthcare on the marketplace for next year, so you have to act FAST. You now have through December 15th (or January 31st for NY and California) to purchase your coverage. Remember that getting covered is an investment into your future, your financial stability, and your physical health. 

So act now and get covered before the deadline passes! You’ll be so glad you did.