In the company of women.

We need each other, truly we do. There's something special about connecting with a group of creative ladies. That's exactly what I had the opportunity to do a few weeks ago. In a sense, we played "dress up" and had a fun photo shoot together.

We're all New Yorkers. We share the big-city challenge. In this dog-eat-dog environment, we've decided to create a community, not a competition. That's pretty doggone refreshing!

I've found the secret to connecting with cohorts without fear is to know who you are and what you have to offer. In other words, the secret is standing on a firm foundation.  

We all have unique gifts to share. And, guess what? A lot of times our gifts compliment each other!  

We can also connect when we share our fears and are vulnerable. Every person struggles. Let's admit it, link arms and accomplish something in spite of it. 

I encourage all girls to jump in there and connect!

-All Dresses above all by BHLDN

This post is in collaboration with some of my favorite NYC girls.  Be sure and check out their posts today too: Esther Houston, Krystal Bick., Kat of The Refined Woman and Janelle of Wait You Need This.

Photos by Israel Veintidos.