flowers in my hair...

We recently took the most magical trip to California. We went for work but, after projects, spent some much-needed time together.

We explored some of our favorite spots, staying in a cozy Malibu house. We enjoyed days by the ocean and even read some books outside. How relaxing is that???

As we left our cozy retreat, we drove by this quaint stretch of land full of  gorgeous wildflowers. I practically jumped out of the car to get a few shots. What fun to dive in and smell the gorgeous yellow flowers, and, of course, dodge the bees (haha)!

Here's to opportunities to stop and "smell the flowers" (and maybe pluck a few for your hair!) I hope you have a chance to enjoy a springtime flower field, too.  

Also...if you're headed to on the lookout for my California guide to all things cozy, simple, fun and flower-packed.      

Coming soon!