out in the neighborhood.

Been craving things that are just plain comforting lately. Whether it be old friends coming to visit, maybe a slice of apple pie, an old book that is so familiar, or the perfect pair of blue jeans (that don’t make you feel like you have a food baby). Two of my best friends were able to make a visit up here in June. It was so refreshing to just snap back after not seeing each other for awhile. I love how friendships work like that. It’s truly one of the most wonderful things in my life. 

We ate too much, walked too much, and were able to explore my favorite neighborhoodshops. Just taking walks, laughing at nothing, and talking about anything was exactly what I needed at that moment. My best friend Hannah is an amazing photographer with a very keen eye for beauty in the intricacies. 

While we explored my little neighborhood in Brooklyn, she got some shots of some of my favorite new (but they feel old in the best way) jeans from my friends at Madewell. I love how I can just throw on these jeans and not have to worry if they will make me feel uncomfortable if I decide to have that extra slice of pizza (because as you guys know I will have that extra slice-lol).  

I hope you all are having a calming week despite the sadness. Try to bring kindness to your own communities. No matter how small. Smile at strangers. Hold doors for your neighbors. We can make all the difference if we just choose to make the right choice to love. 



//  Top: Madewell Jeans: Madewell Shoes: Converse