being crafty: navy nails

I dislike painting my fingernails.

It's not that I don't like color on them...


It is more a matter of how I hate it when you have to repaint them because they chip.

but !

I gave in the other day when I was repainting my toenails with my favorite classic red and thought...

1.Relvon Nail Enamel in Red

"Why not try something new..."

N A V Y   N A I L S !

Though apprehensive at first, I got used to the deep dark bold color.

1. love & beauty nail polish in navy

I love this shade because it adds a bit of a punk-like edge to my look.

You can find this lovely polish at any Forever 21 near you.

This polish has lasted at least 4 days with no chipping in sight ...yet.


Let me know what polishes you are loving in the comments below!