I'm Bazaar for: Shop Bazaar Favorites

I am loving Shop Bazaar.

Shop Bazaar is a way to browse Harper's Bazaar's fashion picks for the week.

Go on a visual journey with the first U.S fashion magazine and shop till you drop.

Or if your like me and have a budget....

Dream and find items like them in your price range.

Here are my latest picks from Shop Bazaar paired with more affordable options for each luxury item.


Unless you can afford Pamela Love....and in that case bless you.




1. This Forever 21 Braided Square Bib Necklace is just a little more affordable at $10.80



2. This Cable knit sweater from Dear Golden Vintage on Etsy is a fraction of the cost at $32.00



3.  Mango made a just as appealing leather skirt for $119.99