Being Elliott + Pink Sunshine

dsc_0644 Pink Sunshine is an adorable jewelry brand out of London.

Jess Lucas is the doll behind Pink Sunshine.

Jess was such a sweetie to send me her Bee Hexagon Necklace.

The necklace goes with everything and is a definite conversation starter!

Jess was kind enough to answer some questions about Pink Sunshine London.

Be sure to check out more of Jess's designs on her blog.

Enjoy the interview, lovelies!


1. How did you get your start in designing? I have always loved making things and ,if you talk to my mum, she will tell you horrifying stories of how she used to find me cutting up clothes to make things for my dolls! But I really started focusing on designing a couple of years ago and I realized how much I loved seeing the things in my head come to life.

2. What inspires you to create? The two biggest inspirations I find are vintage style and my travels. Traveling really is the most amazing way I find to get the creative juices flowing and often it doesn't even have to be that far away. Just a change of scenery can help you look at things with new eyes. I live in London and the style here is pretty eclectic and that is an inspiration in itself.

3. What do you love about working with recycled materials? I love the fact you can take something that is old and forgotten and give it a new life, new memories. Plus, in a world where we can buy new things very easily, I like to be able to re-use older materials that otherwise would just be thrown into a landfill somewhere when there is no need.

4. Do you have a favorite piece you have made ? Oh that's a hard question!! I do find it difficult with some of Pink Sunshine's unique vintage pieces to put them in the shop! Like this bracelet

Vintage gold , pearl and turquoise coloured bead bracelet I also love the arrow brooches and wear mine all the time on dresses and cute cardigans.

Gray and Denim Blue Arrow Brooch/Pin

5. Describe your style aesthetic.

My style is eclectic, part vintage, part folk.

6. Any current obsessions you would like to share? I am currently obsessed with Ulyanna Seregenko, I want to be that woman. She can do no wrong in my eyes. I am also obsessed with anything African. After my trip to Ghana this winter I fell in love with African use of color and patterns.

7. What is the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given? Always be yourself, unless you can be a unicorn, then always be a unicorn.

8. What is the one fashion item you think is a “must-have” for every women? A dress that makes them feel pretty. I know that may sound a bit soppy, but if you have a dress that, when you wear it,  makes you feel confident and pretty, then you can't go wrong! I have a few in my wardrobe and they are the perfect things to just throw on.

9. Any advice you would like to give to aspiring designers? Create what you love, not what you think you should create. If you love it, then others are bound to.

10. Any exciting designing plans for 2013?

I'm hoping to start a Men's accessory line this year, which is exciting! I have been knee-deep in visual inspiration for that the last few weeks. Pinterest is my curse! Also I can't wait to get the S/S Pink Sunshine pieces out in the world, which should hopefully be in the next month!