Blog Loving: A Hit of Sarah



I had the pleasure of working with Sarah Mendelsohn at Harper's Bazaar last summer. Sarah is the brains behind the fashion blog A Hit of Sarah where she discusses fashion, street style, and a vast array of other topics. Sarah is also a publicist and fashion journalist in New York City. Want to learn more about Sarah's blog? Check out my interview below to gain a closer look.






1.   What is "A Hit of Sarah" all about?

A Hit of Sarah is a blog where I share my inspirations, work in and opinions on fashion and art.

2.   Why did you start "A Hit of Sarah"?

I started A Hit of Sarah when I was a teenager living in Long Island. I read a lot of fashion magazines and started paying attention to fashion blogs when they first came into existence. I became super interested in it, but had no one to discuss it with so I started my own blog so that I could share my thoughts, ideas, and interests with others who had them too.

3.   Describe who you think your typical reader is ?

My typical reader enjoys reading and discussing fashion and it’s range, whether it be street wear or a high fashion runway show. My reader is also is someone who is able to appreciate the greatness of the industry, but is aware of and interested in debating it’s many flaws.406005_10151383159986142_1232131223_n

4.   What are some of your fashion must-haves for the upcoming spring months?

I think my attention to Kimye has finally had an effect on me because I’ve become incredibly interested in investing in a pair of leather pants. I also really love all of the feminine suiting in the spring and resort collections, if I can pull it off you know I’ll be on that.

5.   Share your Favorite designer and why.

I have so many favorite designers it’s hard to choose just one! I really love Peter Pilotto and Mary Katrantzou for their impeccable taste in colorful and versatile prints and cuts. I love Erdem’s ultra femininity, bold colors, and unique floral prints. I’m always both surprised and impressed with their collections each season. Ellie Saab and Valentino are my favorite couturiers, their gowns are always stunningly beautiful and I can imagine feeling like a princess wearing them. As a former public relations intern, Dolce & Gabbana will always be near and dear to me. Each season they continue to raise the bar and I am consistently impressed with their sources of inspiration, attention to detail, and innovative ideas. Finally, I am forever and always devoted to Riccardo Tischi for Givenchy. I don’t think I need to explain this, he’s brilliant.Old_Westbury_Gardens-8

6.   Share three products you are currently obsessing over and why.

Moroccan oil’s anti-frizz spray has my curls looking and smelling amazing.

Givenchy, Le Rouge lipstick. Love the color and look they give my lips!

Nars Orgasm blush, because it just can’t be beat.

7.   Advice for bloggers just starting out?

Always network. Whether you’re in school, at a party, or interning. You never know who you’re going to meet or what they can eventually offer you- whether it be a referral or something to write about. Never be afraid to meet new people.