Fall Wardrobe Staples with Lexington Company

Sweater Dress // Tuxedo Shirt // Wrap Coat // Sweater // Skirt // Poncho

Layering is one of my favorite parts of fall fashion. There's something special about bundling up and walking around my neighborhood. All the fall colors and smells make me so happy. I just love being all wrapped up and cozy! 

Lexington Company has some of my favorite layering pieces in their new collection. I'm wearing some of my favorites above, including the Daisy Checked Coat and the Alice Poncho. I love how these pieces can be styled up or down for the cold months ahead. They're perfect for work, a coffee shop stop, a trip to the grocery store or a date night. 

I love classic pieces I don't have to think about. I can just throw them on and walk out the door. Lexington Company makes so many pieces like this. 

Before a morning workout, I throw my Daisy Checked Coat on top of my workout gear. Fall look: complete!  

These great clothes make my life easier. With Lexington Company, everything just seems to come together! 

Be sure to take a look at more awesome pieces on Lexington Company's website here. Above are some more of my favorites.