Thoughts on turning 25.

Confession: I never wanted to grow up. Never did. Never will. I'm a perpetual child at heart. My imagination has taken me on some wild rides in my past 24 years. (OK - 25 years now)

I turned 25 a few months ago. Twenty five - half of 50, as my mom has so kindly pointed out {LOL}. 

Here are some life goals plus fun stuff I will try my hardest to work on this year of 25:

1. Compliment people. If I can make just one person feel loved for even just a moment I will be thrilled. Goal!

2. Volunteer more. This has been on my heart for a while now. Although I've been volunteering here and there, I want to do something more. This city needs more helpers, so here's to finding some places in need. Here I am!

3. Worry less and let things just be. HARD ONE....especially for me. I essentially need to take a huge chill pill and smell the roses. My husband Aaron is great at this. Also, I need to learn to slow down and not always run-walk {haha} If you know me, you know what I'm talking about. 

4. Unplug. I've already started this and LOVE IT. I leave my phone off and just let things be. If we are at dinner. I put my phone away. This practice makes me feel more present in the moment and less bogged down by my constant message flow.Try it!

5. Start working on my BIG Life Goals. I have a list of Dreamy Life Goals.  Nerd alert!  You should have one, too! I'll try to spend time working on these goals whether it be brainstorming or whatever. Every baby step counts, after all!

6. Practice Gratitude. My life has been so blessed. I have an amazing family, supporting husband, beautiful friends and my health. Thanking God every day for my blessing is my top priority going into this year of 25.


+ photos by the talented Ashtin Paige