a look back...

This year was such a thrill. There were so many amazing moments! Below I am sharing a few of my favorites. I can't wait to make more memories this year!

--We finished our living room makeover with the help from Jaclyn of The Coveted Home. It was featured on Rue Magazine as one of "The Coolest Rooms in NYC" by Refinery29. 

--Enjoyed a great trip to Nashville to visit my awesome sister, Taylor. My mother and I were enjoying some popsicles from Las Paletas in this photo. Yum! Take a look at more Nashville favorites here.

--Had a great partnership with the kind folks at Priceline. I went on a trip to San Francisco and had so much fun exploring Chinatown.

--In doughnut heaven during our trip to Portland. From my favorite doughnut place Blue Star.

--Aaron and I went on a road trip up the California coast to Portland, Oregon. We stayed in a magical Bed and Breakfast right next to this secret beach.

--A behind the scenes look at me styling Round-Up, a feature length documentary directed by the very talented musician Sufjan Stevens, and filmed by my husband Aaron Craig (I was so honored to work by his side) and his brother. Be sure to take a look at the trailer here.

--Went to Charleston, South Carolina for the very first time and loved it. The food. The people. All so southernly sweet. Check out my travel guide here.

--Collaborated with The Four Season San Fransisco. They treated me so well. I loved their elegant hotel entryway.

--Since we had a very intimate wedding in Iceland in 2014, we were able to have many wedding receptions with friends and family in different places. We were shown so much love. Here is a snapshot of our one on my family’s farm in Illinois. You can see a post of our NYC reception here.

--We also had a wedding celebration in Dallas on a rad ranch. We had BBQ and a rip- roaring good time!

--Went on my dream tropical vacation to Greece. Oia was absolutely breathtaking. Check out the travel guide here and video here.

--Was so honored to travel to London to see the international premiere of Round-Up with my talented husband. I loved seeing something Aaron created on the big screen. Take a look at more about our trip to London here.

--Took a side trip to Oxford while we were in England. I loved visiting the pub where C.S Lewis and J.R.R Tolkien used to write together. Magic! 

--Had time to visit our favorite place in the world this year again: Iceland. We were married here in 2014 and were so blessed to get to return two times last year. This picture shows The Blue Lagoon,  a hot spring complete with spa. It is absolutely amazing and a must-visit!

--Loved visiting my family’s home country of Wales. Visited relatives so dear to me. Showed Aaron places I used to play as a child. Stayed in the best hotel ever:  Llangoled Hall in Wales. Read more about it here.

--Went on safari in South Africa. Saw elephants, lions, giraffe, zebra and rhinos. Seeing all these animals in their natural habitat was nothing sort of brilliant.

I am so excited to see what 2016 will have in store for us! I will be sharing some resolutions later this week on the blog. Have a beautiful day and, as always, thanks so much for supporting me on this journey.