Ten things I love about my husband...

This post is dedicated to Aaron Lee Craig ,my perfect love, and to all of you lovers on Valentine's Day.

Let's squeeze our loved ones extra tight today. Here are my ten favorite things about Aaron (just to name a few...).

1.  His unwavering integrity. 

2. His love for an imperfect me.

3. His unparalleled devotion to our family. 

4. His support, even when I royally screw up.

5. His lame jokes just to make me smile when I am having a tough day.

6. His constant wit + always positive outlook.

7. His love of the Lord and how it has affected our relationship for the better.

8. His beautiful creativity and ingenuity. He can fix any problem coming his way. Many times people come to him for advice. Gotta love that!

9. His little dimple. (Mushy I know.) It is the cutest! 

10. His ability to ward off my "hangry" moments...and to know when I could really use a Papa John's pizza. 

What do you love about your husband, boyfriend, loved one, friend, and or cat? Let me know! 

Wishing you a beyond joy-filled Valentine's Day, loves!

-Brynn Elliott // Being Elliott

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