Happy Engageaversary!

I CANNOT believe it's been a year since that fateful day in Paris in the gardens of Notre Dame Cathedral. A year ago today I had the surprise and overwhelming cry moment of a lifetime! Aaron Lee Craig asked me to marry him. He got down on his knee and promised to love an imperfect me! In spite of everything, Aaron committed his life to me. Wow. Sometimes I still can't believe that moment happened + the fact we are married now! I am not perfect. Neither is Aaron, BUT he is the most perfectmost hilarious, most intelligent and witty guy for me. Aaron--thanks for loving me. I know it's not always easy {I have a BIG mouth guys...}.  

Happy Engageaversary to us!  Thanks for keeping your promises, Aaron

I love you as much as Papa John's + the galaxy combined. 


+ photos by Rhianne Jones Photography

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