Llangoed Hall Hotel

If you didn’t already know, most of my family comes from the country of Wales. A few weeks ago, I was so blessed to get to go back to my family's homeland. I loved getting to share this experience with my husband {it was his first time there!}.

I am a firm believer in investing in a really excellent hotel experience. I think it can change the course of the whole trip. On this trip, we decided to stay at the overwhelmingly gorgeous Llangoed Hall Hotel.

Llangoed is located in the beautiful Wye Valley, right in the heart of the Welsh countryside. This location is perfect for hiking, fishing, or exploring charming towns like Hay-On-Wye. Hay-On-Wye is a truly idyllic small Welsh town world-famous for its bookshops. We were in book heaven!

Llangoed Hall Hotel is full of history. It was built in the 16th century. This magnificent hotel is said to have been the first Welsh house of parliament–the legendary“White Palace” of Wales! I felt like I was sleeping in a real-life palace.

The hotel is now made up of 23 rooms glowing with unique charm. There is a pool room, numerous sitting rooms and a courtyard fit for a king.

Our room was the master suite. The views from this room were just outstanding. The Welsh touches of a mini library and four post bed were rare delights. Wonderful antiques and original art added interest to this luxurious room. Complimentary newspaper delivered daily + lovely tea and coffee service made the room feel exceptionally relaxing. The room had special elements we had never experienced prior to visiting The Llangoed. In other words, we will be back soon!

Dining at the Llangoed was out of this world. Aaron and I both agreed it was simply the best restaurant experience we’ve ever had. With keen attention to detail, the Chef Nick Brodie makes every  dish fresh, innovative, and completely unforgettable. He gets his produce directly from the garden on site. Even the honey came straight from their very own bee hive. Talk about fresh!

We had such fun enjoying the chef’s tasting menu, which included nine courses of unforgettable food. Some of my favorites included the welsh black beef, beef tartar, and an excellent strawberry sorbet desert.

The presentation of the meals was so artful. This made each meal a truly delightful, unique experience. Afternoon tea in the beautifully decorated tea room made our days special. Nightly chamomile tea for me and Americano for Aaron by the fire made our nights complete.

Llangoed Hall Hotel gave us the experience of a lifetime. We’re eager to return to this place that made us feel cozy, warm and comfortable. To learn more about Llangoed Hall Hotel you can visit their website here.