my dad.

My father. I don't really know where to begin with this post. How do I begin to try to explain how big of an impact Brad Watkins has been on my daily life since I was born? People say I am funny like him. I laugh at my own jokes like him. But I wish I was more like him. A hard working business man who dedicated his life to making his daughters' lives full of experiences. Let me tell you--it was. We traveled from a young age. Saw what life was like for others around the world. Ventured past and beyond the front door of our farm house in Illinois. 

Dad always made me feel safe. I was always looked after. Our farm house still feels like a little piece of heaven when I visit. I always wish my stay could be longer. One more family movie... one more dinner. It has never been enough time.

Dad taught me what joy was. He works so hard, but always has a smile on his face or a joke to share. People love him for this reason. He is the life of the party + everyone's favorite guy. He, basically, rocks. 

Dad has most recently showed me bravery. He is a fighter. He taught me how to love John Wayne, Land Rovers and the Kentucky Wild Cats. He is my hero. But most importantly he is there. 

Thanks Dad.