beauty is an inside job, by my mom.

My mother has been a constant in my crazy journey. She is my rock.  She's a beacon of joy and kindness + she is a real mega babe.

My mom grew up in Illinois with a do-it-all momma (my precious Gma Fairy Belle) and a caring father (my hard-working Granddad Glenn) . Believe me, she learned from the best. 

I was fortunate enough to spend some great quality time with my parents recently. I've wanted my mom to contribute to my blog for a while now. She's one of the most talented writers I know. She studied journalism at the University of Illinois and created one of the first healthcare marketing programs 40 years ago when marketing was a new concept.  

As if that wasn't enough, she also modeled, acted, and did ballet on the side. Talk about a wonder woman! (She says she's just Type A!) Mom was such a great example of hard work and dedication when I was growing up. She always made time for her three busy daughters, too. We had great creative adventures together. I hope I can be that kind of mom. 

Laurie (my mother) always taught me beauty comes from within. "It's an inside job," my mom would say. These words have stuck with me through the years. I have to admit, however, it's sometimes hard to remember all this in a world where makeup, perfect physique and even plastic surgery are touted.

I asked my mom to write some thoughts to help me and you.  We took a walk on the beach one day sans makeup and had a little photo shoot (the above photos). The emphasis was on fun.  Now that we've traded the sand for snow, here are my mom's thoughts on deep down beauty.

I always hated my nose. From teen years to early twenties, I was not feeling too lovely. My eyes were OK - gray/blue-big. Big is good for eyes. Big is not good for noses. A veil would help.  

Forty years later, I laugh at my nose.Wrinkles now line the dimmed blue eyes.  I smile and the laugh lines show. I'm so glad I've discovered beauty is an inside job.As a matter of fact, God has the best idea about beauty.

God reassures us all He created us to be beautiful, no matter what we look like. Inside each one of us is a gift to share..."the unfading beauty" even age can't take away.  

I've always told Brynn Elliott beauty is an inside job. She's an expert at looking her best, that's for sure, but we both agree, it's what's inside that counts.We want to shine with kindness, share God's love and make the world a better place.

We both love kids. Our special ministry is for underprivileged children at the East St. Louis Christian Activity Center. Brynn continually donates to help with tutoring, athletics and special classes in this poverty-stricken area. I love to volunteer there and visit with the delightful kids.  The smiles of the children make them beautiful.  I like to tell them that.   

-What a joy we have when we share.  We invite you to join us. 

Beauty is an inside job and it shows up when we reach out.  It doesn't matter what we look like.