my favorite podcasts.

You know me. I'm always on the go. I've found podcasts to be the ideal engaging distraction while on the move. There are all kinds! Ones that are spooky, imaginative and there's even a Comedy Bang Bang one! Below I will share with you some of my top podcasts picks. I hope to inspire you to join team podcast! Enjoy!

For those who love mysteries...Listen to Serial.

If you love a good mystery and investigative journalism, Serial is your podcast. Prepare to get totally sucked into true mysteries full of twist and turns. Season one was excellent and season two has a political twist. Get ready to binge listen to Serial. It's basically like the Making a Murder of podcasts.

For those who love cooking...Listen to America's Test Kitchen.

If you are a huge cooking nerd like me, this is your jam (maybe even literally..because you may learn how to make jam). In every episode the sweet folks at America's Test Kitchen review helpful (and sometimes not so helpful...) kitchen gadgets, taste test loads of things, and talk about food till the cows come home. I always learn so much from each episode. Plus the hosts are so down-to-earth you will just love them! 

For those who love to be scared...Listen to Lore.

I'm not going to lie...sometimes I regret listening to Lore. Like when I can't sleep at night because of the story I heard on Lore that week. It's a real problem. But you know what, I still come back for more. Simply because Lore's stories are not only spooky, but they are also backed up by a lot of historical evidence. Are you scared yet? Don't worry, you will be. Just listen to the one about Robert the doll

For those who love listening to people's stories...Listen to Snap Judgement.

It's snappy. It's real. It's Snap Judgment. Although I love a lot of true story podcasts like This American Life and The Moth. Snap Judgement stands out to me for it's quick moving nature and jamming soundtrack. The beats make the stories come alive. Snap Judgment has brought tears to my eyes at some points as well as given me some major spooky scares (listen to their Campfire Tales episodes and you will know what I'm talking about). 

For those who love a good laugh...Listen to Comedy Bang Bang.

Sometimes I just need to sit back, relax, and have a couple laughs. I recently started watching Comedy Bang Bang on IFC and thought it was really hilarious! Then I found out about their Podcast. Game over. I look like a weirdo sometimes walking down the streets laughing at myself. Each week, Comedy Bang Bang brings on a celebrity guest (as himself) and a comedian who is brought on to act as a very odd character. You kind of never know what you're going to get. You probably won't like the show the first time you listen to it, but after a few episodes it'll start to catch on. Listener discretion is advised! 

For those who love healthy living...Listen to The Food Heals Podcast.

The hosts of this podcast are like your real-life besties. Sharing the best tips to keep you healthy and full of energy. I have gotten so many life improving tips from these knowledgable gals. They talk about everything from juice cleanses to cancer flighting health foods to spirituality, all with a holistic focus. I love listening to this podcast when I'm getting ready in the morning. It really brightens my day! Try it out!

--Do you have a favorite podcast you love? I would love to hear about it! Please share them in a comment below. Cheers!