My Healthy Hair Tips.

My hair has gone through some major changes over the years. It has been almost every color from dark brown to fire engine red (in high school and college I loved to experiment). Now, after all those changes, my hair is back to it's natural color (with some highlights) and is very long. I like that it is simple, easy and no-fuss. I feel like I've truly found the right balance after all these years. On this hair journey I've learned some tips on how to keep hair long and healthy. 

Here are my healthy hair tips:

1. A good brush. It is so important to have a brush that does not pull and damage hair. My favorite brush which has saved me from many a tangle is The Wet Brush. I love this brush because it goes through my very tangly hair with ease. It is a life-saver.

2. Prenatal Vitamins. Though I am not pregnant. I take these vitamins on the regular for their massive healthy hair benefits. I can honestly say my hair has grown so much faster with the help of these babies. If you want longer hair, this is your ticket. I personally LOVE the gummy version (I am a little kid at heart). P.S- Healthy nails are also a great benefit of these vitamins. 

3. Limit Shampooing. This simple tip can make all the difference. Shampooing every day can really disrupt your hair's natural oil production. I find by shampooing hair only one to two times a week can make hair shinier and so much stronger. Try it out! 

4. Drink lots of water. So important, not only for your hair but for your whole body. When water is limited, hair becomes brittle and weak. By adding more water hair, becomes properly hydrated and will not only shine more, but grow more as well. This is something that really changed my hair. Three years ago I started making a point to drink more water and since then I have noticed my hair feels much stronger. 

5. Air-dry hair when possible. I am a HUGE advocate of the air-dry. I know sometimes it's a hard sell...but the benefits are awesome. Hair follicles are damaged so much by hair dryers, but can be fixed by simply limiting heat tools. The goal is to nourish, not fry your hair. 

Now I love a good blowout as much as the next gal, but the simple step of air drying when possible can really change things for the better. 

Another plus is you can really play up and experiment with your hair's natural texture. For me, I love to do a beachy wave by adding sea salt spray to wet hair and letting it air dry. This style is simple, awesome and just works. Go low-maintenance beauty! 

6. Alternate Shampoos. I love this trick. Using the same shampoo all the time can build-up residue which makes hair very lackluster. Changing it up can make all the difference. I personally rotate between this delicious smelling organic shampoo and this classic staple. I also suggest using a clarifying shampoo when you really want to be residue-free. This creates a great blank slate.

7. Trim hair regularly. I know you've heard this one before but it's true! Split-ends can really make hair look unpolished. Trimming is a simple way to look put together and on your A-game. 

I hope you've enjoyed these tips! Feel free to share any healthy hair tips that work for you below. I'd love to hear from you!