what I'm reading...


This year one of my resolutions was to read more books. I adore reading and making time for it this year has been so relaxing. Looking at words instead of a screen (uggg I hate looking at screens) is just peachy in my book (haha see what I did there?!). I just finished my first book of the year, Just Kids by Patti Smith. It was beautifully written + a real tearjerker at the end. It made me feel so much. I love how books can magically transport you. I felt for the people. They became my friends. What an incredible thing to find friends in between pages. I have five books I have decided to read this year so far. I already started reading a few chapters of each of them. They are listed below. Get lost in a book this year! You will not regret it.

Just Kids by Patti Smith: A look at NYC in the 60s and 70s. Be a fly on the wall of Patti Smith’s ups and downs of living in the big city. Follow along with Patti as one of her dear friendships is put through thick and thin. A beautiful true story. 

Tracks by Robyn Davidson: (This one is next up for me and I could be more excited!) Tracks is a true story of how one amazing women journeyed across the deserts of Australia (with no company but her dog and four camels)! She goes through so many huge survival trials but powers through them. Should be an awesome read!

The Wandering Falcon by Jamil Ahmad: Not a true story, but that makes this one no less adventurous! Jamil (the author) makes the characters really come alive. You follow a young boy as he moves between the tribes of Pakistan and Afghanistan. On the way, he is trying to find his identify and, in turn, as a reader you learn so much about the culture and traditions of the Middle East.  

Saltwater Buddha: A Surfer's Quest to Find Zen on the Sea by Jamal Yogis: About a guy who is unsatisfied who moves himself (with almost no possessions or money) to Hawaii to surf! Pretty awesome, right? It is! Follow this newbie as he tries surfing for the first time in Hawaii (no small feat...). In time, he finds his way as a surfer and you watch him find his truth in the process. This is a good one folks.

The Road by Cormac McCarthy: The Road comes highly recommended from my husband. You follow a father and son traveling in a place where almost no hope remains. Their love is the only thing that means anything in a dark world. This book apparently stretches what it means to be human. You go through all kinds of highs and lows with this father and son. This one is going to be intense, but from what I hear, so worth it.