A Favorite Fall Meal.

You know….sometimes I really really really don’t have the energy to make dinner. I know, I know. I’m horrible. Not the best in the domestic department. But, you know what? I don’t care. We don’t need to be perfect all the time. 

Let’s make peace with our imperfections and look for easier options to make healthy meals on the fly. I think I've found the perfect solution with Hello Fresh. Hello Fresh is a pretty rad meal delivery service which does all the recipe curating and shopping for you! To top it off, they deliver to your door! 

You basically get healthy, fresh ingredients and yummy recipes delivered to your door every week. Pretty great, right?! 

My week was definitely a crazy one. Luckily, Hello Fresh made dinner one less task to worry about. Believe me…it helped to have everything within reach when I was in a time crunch! 

At dinner time, I simply grabbed the Hello Fresh box and took out the ingredients. Prep was a breeze, especially with everything already there in front of me. I made Italian Sausage and Mushroom. It was a very comforting and yummy dish. Perfect for fall!

I loved how easy the recipes were to execute. I even had some extra time to make the table extra sassy and relax a bit! I definitely give Hello Fresh two thumbs up for convenience as well as taste. Sitting down for a healthy family dinner is easier with meal deliveries from Hello Fresh! 

Hooray for healthy, yummy, food for all! 

If you want to try Hello Fresh, visit their website right here. Be sure to use this code (BRYNN35) at checkout to get $35 off your first Hello Fresh box of goodies! Valid for first-time customers only. 


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