An escape from the city...

Camping is one of my favorite things to do. I just love sleeping under a blanket of stars and breathing the crisp cool air. I get so restless in the city. I need open spaces and skies. Camping brings all of my favorite things together in one rad package. 

This week, Aaron and I spent some treasured time camping in upstate New York. Our days were filled with hiking, antiquing and exploring small towns. Our nights were filled with star watching, s’more roasting, and scary stories. (Let me tell you…I got scared! HAHA). We even made wood-fired pizza for the first time! I have quite a love affair with pizza and this one took the cake. Wood-fired pizza has made it into our camping rituals book. 

I love to hike when we camp. We've found some favorite trails the past couple of years, perfect for a great workout and adventure at the same time. Unfortunately, my old, worn out hiking boots made their final voyage on one of these trails. I’ve been looking for new boots ever since. I needed boots that were rugged, sturdy, and comfortable.  I wouldn't stand for anything less (literally). 

I was thrilled when Zappos (an amazing company for new shoes) wanted to partner with me! I love Zappos' amazing customer service.  They have a 365-day return policy. Yes, you heard me right. How cool is that?

After looking around the Zappos' website for a bit, I chose a new pair of boots from an amazing Australian company called Blundstone. When I tried on my new pair of Blundstones, I knew these babies weren't messing around. They're built to last. 

I wore the Blundstone boots around the city for a whole day. They remained comfy the whole time (The ultimate NYC test! haha!). 

Next came the real test: our camping and hiking trip in Upstate New York. Blundstone’s promise of comfort did not disappoint. My boots were sturdy, held up well and were comfortable the whole time. Rugged doesn't always equal comfort. I’m so happy Blundstone provides the perfect combination in their boots.  My search is over! 

We spent the rest of our camping trip hunting for treasures for our bedroom redesign. We came back with some real great finds and, of course, a super pair of boots! I'm so glad we had the chance to get away from the city for a brief moment. Trips like this leave me with daydreams of what it would be like to have a little cabin in the woods. Maybe someday…

This post is in partnership with Zappos and Blundstone.