being tressed: Romantic Side Braid Tutorial

Even though I am a total tomboy, sometimes I love to look pretty! This romantic hairstyle fits the bill. With Valentine's Day coming up, I felt like this is the perfect hairstyle tutorial to show you. While I was in Colorado I had so much fun photographing this hairstyle how-to with my best friend Hannah Swift, an amazing photographer. There'll be more about Hannah and Colorado later. For now, I can't wait to have you try this one out. It's a real beauty!

STEP 1: Start out with your hair down. Put your hair in a deep side part and place all hair on the opposite side.
Hair in-between washes works best for this look because it's less dry.  There's also better hold and more beautiful texture when hair is not fly-away.

STEP 2: Start a normal french braid. Try to start as close to the top of your head as you can. 

STEP 3: Continue french braiding, pulling hair towards your ear.

STEP 4: Gather hair from the other side of your head by taking horizontal sections and bringing them around to the front where the braid is.

STEP 5: Once you've placed all the loose hair into the braid, finish braiding to the end and secure with a clear hair tie.

STEP 6: Loosen the braid with your fingers to your desired volume and texture. I love the loose and soft look!

STEP 7: Enjoy your gorgeous do! 

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