Clementine Juice

I had some clementines I forgot about. I thought all was lost. The batch, gone for! But then I had a thought. Clementine juice! The perfect antidote to the problem. I will juice the heck out of these clementines. About three clementines makes a glass, but I went all the way and made a batch of it. Aaron and I don't like our fruit juices so sweet, so I try to always split it: half water and half juice. Garnish with some freshly graded clementine zest / a clementine slice or two. You are good to go! This little drink made this rainy day in New York City a little bit brighter for us both. I hope the sun was shining where you were! I am praying for some sweet sunshine this week for a camping trip upstate. Stay turned. I hope you all are having a stress-free joyful day. xoxo.